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ICCNU 2017 cordially invites you to submit your abstracts for oral and poster presentations. As many potential authors have requested an extension of the submission date, we have decided to extend the deadline to July 28, 2017.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and assigned to the appropriate session based on the author’s application and program requirements.

How to Submit?

  • Step 1 Sign up or log into the online system
  • Step 2 Fill out the participant info
  • Step 3 Select the preferred type - Oral or Poster
  • Step 4 Complete the abstract submission and the author info section
  • Step 5 Save and review until the submission deadline
  1. 1.The abstract submission site works best using a PC with Internet Explorer. The site is not designed for use with tablet browsers, iPads, or Android Devices.
  2. 2.There is no submission button in the system and the last version of data will be considered your submitting result.
  3. 3.국내 참가자 분은 반드시 국내 전용으로 접수하십시오.

Submission Rules

  1. 1.All abstracts must be submitted through the conference website by July 28, 2017.
  2. 2.Abstracts must be submitted by the presenting author (submitter).
  3. 3.Submission of an abstract implies that the presenting author has the consent of all authors and has obtained necessary institutional clearances.
  4. 4.Submission of an abstract acknowledges acceptance for the abstract to be published in the official conference abstract book.
  5. 5.Authors have the option of choosing their presentation type: for either oral or poster presentation. The Scientific Committee, however, reserves the right to make the final decision on the mode of presentation.
  6. 6.The presenting author agrees to register, attend the conference and present the abstracts as scheduled. The presenting author must register at the time of acceptance of his or her abstract. Abstracts accepted with no registered participants by August 18, 2017, will not be published.
  7. 7.The Scientific Committee will review all submitted abstracts. The reviewing process is confidential and decisions are final.

Abstract Format

  1. 1.All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  2. 2.Title: Capitalize the first letter of each word. The title should not exceed 20 words.
  3. 3.Authors: Names and surnames for each author must be provided. Do not include degrees or titles. Presenting author’s name will be underlined. Corresponding author’s name will be marked by asterisk (*) following the name.
  4. 4.Affiliations: Each author should be listed by department, institution and country.
  5. 5.Contents: Abstracts should not exceed 300 words.
    • -Abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted and will not be edited in any way.
    • -The abstract body text should be structured chronologically into 3 or 4 sections:
    • -For original articles: 1) Background, 2) Methods, 3) Results, 4) Conclusions
    • -For case reports (poster only): 1) Background, 2) Case, 3) Conclusions
  6. 6.Images: If an abstract includes the maximum of 2 images, they will be placed at the end of the abstract. Total content is limited to one page.
  7. 7.References: Limit references to a maximum of 5, which must be included in the 300-word limit.

Notification of Acceptance

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee according to standard review procedures. Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail to presenting (submitting) and corresponding authors on July 21, 2017 first. For those of whom have submitted their abstracts after June 23, 2017, the notifications of abstract acceptance will be sent in early August. If your abstract is accepted, please be sure to register no later than August 18, 2017. If you register late, your abstract may not be included in the Conference Abstract Book.

Withdrawal of Abstract

If the presenting author of an accepted abstract wishes to withdraw his or her abstract, please notify the conference secretariat no later than August 18, 2017. Also, if the presenting author does not register by August 18, 2017, the abstract will be automatically considered being withdrawn and excluded from the Final Program.