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Guidelines for Oral Presentation

The ICCNU 2017 Committee would like to thank you for your participation. To ensure that your work is shared effectively, we would like to ask you to check the following guidelines.

1. Presentation Time

Session type Allocated time
Plenary 45 min.
Meet the Experts 15 min.
Topic Session 30 min. (including Q&A)
*Some presentations are 20-35 min. Presenters concerned were notified individually.
Special Interest Group 30 min.
Workshop 20-40 min. for one group rotation
Free Communications 7 min. for presentation + 3 min. for Q&A
  • -Please be sure to keep to the allocated presentation time in consideration of the next speaker.
  • -Arrive at your session room at least 20 minutes before the session begins.
  • -You will be responsible for controlling/advancing your presentation slides.

2. Presentation File Format

  • -Microsoft Office PowerPoint (PPT) 2010 or PDF under 35 MB size (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • -Use standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma.
  • -Images should be in JPG, GIF or BMP format.
  • -Video files should be in WMW, MPEG or AVI format.

3. Equipment

  • -Session rooms will be equipped with a computer running Windows (no Mac), a projector and microphone.
  • -Podiums will be equipped with a monitor, microphone, mouse and smart pointer (no keyboard).
  • -We DO NOT recommend using your own laptop computer for your presentation to avoid problems with computer-projector compatibility.
    ** Apple Macintosh / Apple Keynote / Personal Laptop Users: Please notify the Secretariat via e-mail by September 3 and bring your Mini Display Port-VGA Adapter.

4. File Submission

  • -Please bring your presentation files on a USB memory stick to the Preview Room at least 1 hour before your scheduled presentation.
  • -If your presentation will be in Jade Room, please bring and submit your file to the session room (Jade) directly.
  • -Presenters are requested to check their presentation files to ensure they work correctly in our system.

5. Preview Room Operating Hours

Date Time Place
September 21 (Thu) 12:00-18:00 In front of Grand Ballroom (B1)
September 22 (Fri) 07:00-18:00

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

1. Poster Session Schedule

Session Process Date Time
Poster Discussion Affixation September 21 (Thu) 11:00-13:00
Exhibition September 21 (Thu) 13:00-
September 22 (Fri) -17:00
Discussion September 22 (Fri) 16:30-17:00
Removal September 22 (Fri) 17:00-17:30
  • -Please stand in front of your poster at the designated time for Q&A.

2. Poster Size

  • -Poster size should be A0 size (1189mm x 841mm).
  • *There are no print shops in the hotel, so we encourage you to print out the poster in advance.
  • -Poster panels are 2,350mm in height by 950mm in width.
  • -The poster title, author(s)'s name(s) and affiliation(s) should appear at the top.

3. Set-up

  • -A poster panel and presentation number (Code No.) will be provided for each poster.
  • -Mounting and Removal must be done during the assigned schedule only.
  • -If the poster is not removed during the designated schedule, it will be removed by staff without notice and the organizing committee will not take responsibility for any damages or losses.
  • -Only adhesive tape will be available to attach your poster to the panel. (Tape will be provided in the poster session room)

Guidelines for Hands-on Workshop

1. Workshop Program

Code Workshop title Number
Allocated time
per 1 Demonstration*
WS-01 Lower Extremity 1 3 6 3 30 min. x 3 times Sang Beom KIM
WS-02 BTX-A (Upper Extremity) - 5 - - Shi-Uk LEE
WS-03 Upper Extremity 1 3 6 3 30 min. x 3 times Gi-Young PARK
WS-04 BTX-A (Lower Extremity) 3 3 3 30 min. x 3 times Dongrak KWON
WS-05 Spine 4 4 4 20 min x 4 times. Jaeki AHN
WS-06 Lower Extremity 2 3 3 3 30 min. x 3 times Donkyu KIM
WS-07 Cervical and Thoracic Spines 2 2 2 40 min. x 2 times Yongtaek LEE
WS-08 Upper Extremity 2 4 7 4 20 min. x 4 times Dongrak KWON
WS-09 Lower Extremity 3 3 3 3 30 min. x 3 times Eun Kuk KIM
WS-10 Lumbar Spine 2 2 2 40 min. x 2 times JoonShik YOON
WS-11 Upper Extremity 3 3 6 3 30 min. x 3 times Jeongim SEOK
  • *In order for participants to be able to attend all the topics in 90 min. in each workshop, tutors should repeat their demonstrations for the allocated number of times by the moderator’s notice.
  • **There is a moderator among tutors in each workshop to ensure smooth operation. The moderator may contact tutors to coordinate the workshop program.

2. Note

  • -There is no pre-registration for the workshops. All participants can attend freely.
  • -The workshops are composed of several topics. In order for participants to attend all the topics in each workshop, there is a time limit per demonstration so participants can rotate. Since all workshops are to last for 90 min., the allocated time for each topic is different in accordance with the number of tutors and topics. Please refer to the above table.
  • -Once the moderators notice to inform the allocated time is over, tutors should finish the demonstration and start again from the beginning for other rotating participants.
  • -Please arrive at your workshop room at least 20 minutes before and make preparations with your workshop moderator.

3. Equipment

In this workshop, two types of ultrasound diagnostic equipment will be arranged. Please refer to the models as follows:

  • -RS80A with Prestige (supported by SAMSUNG Medison)
  • -HS70A with Prime (supported by SAMSUNG Medison)

Phantoms will be also provided to master the practice of injection techniques.